CGC SHEETROCK Gypsum Panels, Regular and Firecode Cores

CGC SHEETROCK Gypsum Panels, Regular and Firecode Cores

Product Code: CGC- 10010

Advantages. Dry construction. Factory-fabricated gypsum panels eliminate excessive moistrue in construction. Low in-place cost. The easily cuty gypsum panels apply quickly, permit painting or other decoration and the installation nof metal or wood trim, almost immediately. Fire protection. The gypsum core will not support compbustion or transmit temperatures greatly in excess of 100 degrees Celsius. Crack resistance. With joints reinforced by one of CGC joint systems, SHEETROCK Gypsum Panels form walls and ceilings that are exceptionally resistant to cracks caused by structural, thermal and hygrometric changes. Nonwarping. Expansion or contraction under normal atmospheric changes is negligible.

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