Kaycan Ocean Park Series

Kaycan Ocean Park Series

Product Code: Kaycan-00220

Lasting style. Ocean Park's extra thick panels and gloss finish provide the natural look of painted wood that will last for years. A large selection of popular fully saturated colors and specially designed accessories give your design a look all its own. Features. Heavy Duty (0.050") thick panel for extra strength, durability and easy installation. Low gloss finish provides the natural look of painted wood. Sturdier panel applies straighter to better cover wide and uneven spans. 3/4" Cove and 1/2" Bevel profiles provides deep, rich shadow lines. Double row of nail slots (7/8" wide) ensures finding a stud every time and staggered installation. Double-back reinforced interlocking system for a faster, easier and a more secure installation. Duratron Vinyl Formula enables performance in all types of environments - from 25 degrees below to 110 degrees above zero. Lifetime warranty.

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