About Landry's

On the lot. In the store.

Landry's supplies building products for home construction and maintenance. "If it goes into a house, we have it or we can get it," says Marlene.

Landry's sells a full line of indoor and outdoor paints and stains, wood flooring and ceramic tiles. They also carry all types of wood, trim siding, windows, roofing materials, chimney packages, doors, plumbing, electrical and heating supplies. 

They  have an inhouse draftsman who designs custom projects such as houses, garages, sheds and decks. "He can also do quotes on house packages, etc.," says Marlene.

RM Landry & Son offers delivery service and has a boom truck for large orders such as gyproc, windows and heavy items. Let's get started on a project today. Request a quote or contact us.

A remarkable past. A strong future.

When Raymond Landry opened R.M. Landry in Grand Greve, Cape Breton, he had no idea the business would be thriving some 75 years later and still in family hands.

Raymond was always an entrepreneur, thinking about his community and his family. In the early 1930s -- in the heart of the Great Depression -- the company was mainly a butcher shop and grocery store. He set up the business and while he was away in the merchant navy his family ran it. Blair, Raymond's son, added building supplies to the business in 1976.

Decades after its founding -- as younger members of the family began running the store -- Raymond continued to come in for a few hours. "My grandfather never really left the business," says granddaughter Marlene Sampson. "He passed away at 96 but came to the store daily until that time to chat with people."

The business is now run by Blair Landry, along with Marlene Sampson and Jason Landry, both of whom started with the company 19 years ago. Marlene is a bookkeeper and Jason is a carpenter. Both work closely with their father, Blair, who ran an electrical appliance repair shop before joining his father in the business and is the "go-to guy" for all things electrical and plumbing. Collectively, they and their long-serving staff have decades of experience in building materials ... and it shows in the top quality service and advice they provide their customers.

The store has been a member of Castle Building Centres Group since 1996. Castle is a national buying group that allows small retailers to have the buying clout of larger stores. "It means we can stay competitive," says Jason.

The business has steadily grown over the years. In 1976, after Blair joined the business, they incorporated as RM Landry & Son and expanded their business by constructing a new building and, shortly after, a warehouse. Since Jason and Marlene have joined the business, they've built two additional warehouses. "We've had a lot of expansions and changes, including the switch to a computerized system and, most recently, the addition of on-site steel door production," says Marlene.